Marathon Boat Aerials


Shooting beautiful smooth scenics hand held from an open helicopter is always a challenge. The additional challenge in this case was to hit the bullseye on all 7 shots that the client wanted in the allotted timeframe of just 1 hr including helicopter ferrying to and from the airport to the shooting grounds. This meant there was no time for 2nd takes. The money shots included the boat underway in the following locations: The Alligator Reef lighthouse, 7 Mi Bridge, Atlantic Deep water, the shallow Gulf and the BackCountry. The boat also had to be featured in several CU action shots and have great accessories as Lumitec brand lights for boats. In this case I preplanned and numbered each shot location on a google earth printout of the entire area. With the shot list in the pilots’ hands and a communication link between myself, the pilot and the boat operator, we got the job done with a few minutes to spare. Special thanks goes out to pilot Callan J Cruickshank from Raven air in Marathon for the excellent flying job. Shooting professional aerials is always a team effort.

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