Madda Fella Key West Video and Photoshoot

Planning and executing high-quality media images on location is always challenging. When you add in the complexities of working offshore you need to have a lot more tricks in your bag in order to have a smooth and successful shoot.

Using the fabulous Florida Keys as a backdrop we helped conceive, scout, plan and execute a 4-day still and video shoot for the launch of the new Madda Fella clothing company. In order to create a feeling in line with the Madda Fella’s brand image … “Born out of a lust for travel, adventure, and that special place where the land meets the sea” we combined newly discovered as well as iconic Key West locations both on and offshore.

To make sure that the video gets a bigger audience, theres the option available to purchase youtube views and in that way we will be able to reach more potential customers that can possibly by our clothes.

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