Digital Film Production

LIfe at 23.97 is just more exciting. We LOVE filmmaking and find no other form of media work to be more engaging and satisfying. From the excitement of using the latest low light/large sensor digital camera gear to the newest developments in funding, marketing & distribution, there has never been a better time to make an indy film.  Working in collaboration with a group of artists is always energizing and the long days fly by when creation is happening.  We have access to and often use the latest cutting edge digital filmmaking gear and techniques.  We have the knowledge necessary to plan and crew up everything from a one day music video shoot to a full length feature or documentary.  Feel free to call for a free consultation about your project via skype or in person at our studio.  Our professional relations with area crews and production houses means we can choose the right gear and talent for each project no matter what the scope or budget.