Breaking News & Spot News Coverage

We along with several of our colleagues in the Upper Keys are also known as “The Florida Keys News Bureau”.

From hurricane and hard news to softer news coverage of the multitude of colorful happenings that make the Keys so unique,  we are ready and able to respond to the time and performance demands that make live & spot news coverage different from any other kind of production style.  The MAKE IT HAPPEN !  world of breaking news is one where there are no excuses….You get it,  and you get it right no matter what.   This is where preparation and experience meet to give triage to anything and everything that can go wrong in the field…. This is the world where gaffers tape and a little bag of emergency repair tools is not only necessary but is used often to save the day, the shoot, the story and the client !   After all…As the industry saying goes…“You are only as good as your last remote “

Our planning and execution of national network news (pool) coverage of the sinking of the USNS Vandenberg off the Florida Keys won us an EMMY for technical achievement.  The dramatic aerial and underwater images we produced during the event were seen by over 750 million people within a week of the sinking and continue to be used today by Nat Geo and Discovery among others.