Network Show Support

Now more than ever show producers are looking for locals to support and augment their main team when taking their show on the road.  We understand the role and importance of thorough and complete pre-production planning in order to make 5 days of shooting turn into a season’s worth of shows.  Local knowledge is extremely important when shooting in locations that have difficult conditions like extreme heat, humidity, salt water, sun exposure and frequent powerful weather.  The Keys have all of these conditions as well as the additional challenge of being far away from backup gear and personnel.  Planning needs to be spot on and from critical aerial, underwater and marine support to difficult audio, camera and lighting needs, we have the experience on the ground, in the water and in the air to get it done right the first time. DI Media has successfully supported shows filmed in the Keys for:  Animal Planet, Nat Geo, Food Network, Travel Channel, TLC, CBS Sunday, MTV, The Weather Channel, ESPN 2, VS as well as several foreign TV Prod. Co’s.

Florida Keys TV Production